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Talent Corner is a Recruitment Company Started in 2002 & it runs an Extremely Successful Franchise Opporunity.

In the Webinar Mr. Rashesh Doshi Managing Director Of Talent Corner explains as to a “How One can start a Placement Consultancy”.


0:00 Introduction
1:38 What is TCHR Recruitment Franchise Business ?
2:09 Basic requirements For the Franchise
3:15 Five Aspects of the Franchise Business Model
3:17 How the Training happens? Different aspects of training
4:15 Post Training on Boarding Process
4:52 The importance of the Learning Centre
5:50 The Role of Team Leader in Day to Day Operations
6:40 Do I need to do Business Development?
8:18 Why maintaining a good rapport with the existing clients.
8:52 From which locations Franchise Partners gets the requirements?
9:23 Can I Start this Business from Tier 2 or Tier 3 City as well?
10:07 Unique thing about Client Allocation in TCHR Recruitment Franchise model
11:44 What is the Role of the Franchise Partner in the TCHR Recruitment Franchise Business?
12:26 How does one earn by doing recruitment?
12:57 What is the Sharing Proportion of The Franchise Business?
13:47 As a Franchise Partner Do I need to take care of the billing and other Compliance Procedures?
14:19 From where I will be getting the candidates?
15:44 Which are the points to remember before taking up TCHR Recruitment Franchise?
18:14 What is the Investment if I need to Start the Franchise Business?
19:51 From when one can expect return on investments?
20:38 How much one can earn in the first year of operations?
24:17 If one already has a GST does it need to apply for a separate GST to start this business?
25:24 Who are the competitors of TCHR?
29:09 Is there any specific Education background is required to start this Recruitment Franchise Business?
29:36 Will there be any outside competition?
31:39 Where one can see themselves in this business after 5 years?
32:37 Are there any Franchise Renewal charges after 3 years?
33:04 Does TCHR Franchise Business offers Recruitment Opportunities outside India?
34:02 What are the consultation charges?
34:53 How TCHR Franchise Partners can stay ahead of the Competition?
36:32 A Recruitment Process in a nutshell
38:00 How one can become TCHR’s Franchise Partner?
39:35 Where one can see the Current Open Positions with Talent Corner?
40:01 Can Franchise Partner Choose from the Current Positions?
40:56 What is a Guarantee Period after placing the Candidate?
42:10 Which industries we cater the most IT or Non-IT? Which are the Industries are not catered by TCHR?
43:25 Does a Franchise Partner also need to source candidate from any other sources apart from the job portals?
44:29 How does the requirement allocation happens? Is it on the basis of Franchise Partners Performance?
46:50 How many positions does a Client have in a month?
48:29 What is the parameter for the Business Development?
50:24 Are there any limitations on the number of people hired in the initial months.

This Unique Opportunity is Low Investment Franchise Opportunity. It is a Work from Home Option & can be done from anywhere in the country.