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Are you planning to start your own business in the Philippines?Searching for smart ideas as a beginner to start?In this video, I am going to give you a short list of 15 Innovative low-cost business ideas for the Philippines to start in 2018.

Internet Cafe Business: If you think you have the right place to put up this business then you should try this.You can also give services to the customers about graphic designing, computer basic training and so on.So you have much capital to set up this business then it would be profitable for you at the end of the month.

T-Shirt Printing Business: Wearing various designful t-shirts are new trend fashion for the teenagers.You could start up as a beginner by putting up a t-shirt printing business.It’s very much popular and unique business in this 2018.So if you are thinking of starting a business from a small town in Philippines then this business is for you.

Catering Service: Filipinos love to prepare foods and serve the peoples.Cooking and serving food on various occasion would be the profitable small business idea for beginners. Providing catering service is one of the low-cost business ideas in this 2018.

So watch the video and get ideas about various business for beginners of Philippines.

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