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Hot on the heels of The Diablo Podcast Episode 4 where we talked about the worst things about the Diablo franchise, this week we’re talking about the best things.

For consistency, the same panel of HCXanth, Neinball, and Vang take up the challenge of explaining what’s great about Diabo and why. There’s a lot to cheer about when it comes to the franchise whether it be favourite acts, items, or classes.

The team also kicks off the podcast with the latest news rumblings from the world of Diablo.

00:00:55 – Hellsink ends so when’s the Diablo 4 Beta?
00:06:45 – Diablo 2 Resurrected PTR and ladder reset discussion.
00:10:45 – Discussion on the Open letter to Blizzard on Single player by Vang (Single Player Forum)
00:18:25 – What we like the most about the Diablo franchise – Skills.
00:28:05 – Favourite class
00:36:49 – Best difficulty
00:42:39 – Best Story / Acts
00:55:56 – Favourite items
01:04:01 – Standout moments with other players
01:14:49 – Best PvP moment ot part of PvP
01:17:01 – Other things that are the best

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