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In this livestream we’ll take a look at two different business models used by real estate photographers to see how you would implement each of them when it comes to pricing, image quality, client acquisition, time per shoot and more.

Of course, you might sit somewhere between these two models so we’ll consider those options as well, and I’ll let you know which business model I think works best.

So if you want to be pushed to think about your real estate photography business and where you want to position your company then I hope you can join me for this livestream.

Here’s what we covered:

0:00 – Intro
2:09 – Prices
4:55 – Number of shoots
6:41 – Time per shoot
8:53 – Quality of photos
10:55 – Team requirements
13:16 – Client relationships
19:15 – Problems with each model
20:24 – Which business model is best?
23:52 – Q&A – how did I scale my business?



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