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Hello and welcome back to my channel!
Today’s video is about my experience working as an Associate at AlphaSights, a leading company in the knowledge search industry. I started working for this company right after graduating from UCLA as an Economics major, and worked for half a year in the New York office. They have nine global offices, and I was part of a program that started in New York and would transfer to the Shanghai, China office after a year of training. Coming from Los Angeles, California, it was definitely a transition to begin working for an East Coast company in the midst of New York’s exciting and fast paced business, finance and investment landscape! This role taught me so much about the practical sides of the business world and market movements that I didn’t learn about in college in my direct studies.
I am sharing some of the pros and cons of working in this company if you are considering applying or interviewing to this quickly growing firm! Leave a note where you’re watching from in the comments below, and hope this was helpful!

**Please do not ask me on outside platforms about different stages of the interview or work process. If you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I can answer them there or start a discussion. Thanks in advance!


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