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This video will walk you through the MSP Item Folders section in the Myki for MSPs portal. Specifically, it will provide a quick overview on how to:
– Add item folders manually
– Import item folders via the different available methods
– Add/remove items from item folders
– Assign/un-assign item folders to users and/or groups
– Enforce security policies on item folders
– Delete item folders

To learn more, check out https://support.myki.com

Myki is an offline password manager specifically designed for Managed Service Providers. MSPs can choose to use Myki internally, and/or resell it to their Clients in a managed or unmanaged manner.

To learn more, sign up at https://myki.com/msp

How you can reach us

If at any point in time you need our assistance here’s how you can reach us:

– On the live chat support available on the app, the portal, and the website.

– Via email at support@myki.com

– By booking an on boarding call with your point of contact – they will be happy to assist you at any time.

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