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If you’ve been listening to the news in the US, you’ve heard about the Green New Deal, a multi-trillion-dollar plan to redo the energy infrastructure of the US. Part of that plan calls for upgrading every business building in the US to be more energy efficient. In this episode of IoT Playbook, I interview Taylor Clark, who explains how he is already saving building owners an average of 40% of their energy costs using Smart Building technologies and smart MSP IT strategies.

Taylor Clark is the founder of Alternegy, an enterprise-level IoT managed service company that architects and manages enterprise-class IoT projects for cities, building owners, enterprise customers, agribusiness, and more. In this episode, Taylor reveals the two key drivers for smart building success and how you can jump into the Smart Building opportunity, one of the fastest-growing MSP IT opportunities in IoT managed services today.

Taylor reveals his clever method for winning business away from the biggest players in the industry – stealing business from companies 100x his size. So, just head on over to podcast.iotplaybook.com and search for Episode 9, where I’ll show you the actual Playbooks that IoT managed service providers are using to make 7-figures or more of recurring revenue right now.

What You Will Learn:

The challenges and processes associated with selling smart building MSP IT solutions
How to prospect large commercial buildings and who is involved
How Taylor is using AI in agribusiness and cannabusiness
How to identify the types of buildings that are ideal opportunities
Why event recognition is gaining traction in the smart building space
The importance of partnerships for pricing and packaging
Why IT people have a major advantage in smart building solutions

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Smart Buildings & Smart MSP IT

When it comes to smart buildings and MSP IT solutions, lighting is still Taylor Clark’s bread and butter. However, he also offers an AI IoT platform that uses cameras for face and event recognition. Taylor brings a different solution to the table based on individual clients’ needs. But with smart buildings, prospecting can be a grueling process. Typically, you have to drag your value proposition up the ladder, starting with the building’s facilities manager, then the property manager, and eventually, the portfolio manager. Difficult it may be, a large majority of commercial buildings across the globe have not been retrofitted with a modern MSP IT solution and energy-efficient equipment. So, the reward heavily outweighs the cost of sale. There is a lot of money to be made in this space.

Lighting and Event Recognition

LED lighting should remain at the forefront when you are selling a smart building MSP IT solution because it is the most obvious opportunity. Once you establish a power reduction plan, you can begin to look at control systems and the technological infrastructure managing the building. This is where you embed your solution for recurring revenue. Then you can explore other opportunities such as AI. Event recognition is the first step in automatically figuring out what your MSP IT solution needs to do on a large scale. This combination has been extremely lucrative in schools, agribusiness, and cannabusiness, but there are opportunities everywhere.

Partner Up

Taylor Clark is not a bank, nor is he a lighting manufacturer; he is the architect of his MSP IT solution. He found a great banking partner, insurer, and equipment provider to help him navigate the complex deals in this space. Taylor also recommends finding a partner who can help you tap into the ROI of your IoT platform. Your prospects are only willing to pay for efficiencies and gains and you need to make them measurable. The person who understands the clients’ needs and how to design an MSP IT solution that meets them will see great returns. If you are coming from an IT background, you have a significant advantage there.

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