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On this episode of MSP Business School, we’re joined by Paul Schroeder and Lucy Nguyen, Account Executive and Content Marketing Specialist at ChannelAssist, a company that provides end to end development and management of channel engagement and incentive programs. Paul and Lucy share excellent suggestions on how to incentivize behaviors with your sales team in order to increase revenue and how ChannelAssist helps companies create these programs.

1:42 – Paul and Lucy give us brief backgrounds on how they ended up at ChannelAssist.

5:45 – Paul dives into the four pillars ChannelAssist uses to build their programs to incentivize behaviors in a company’s front line: its sales people. He stresses the importance of resonating with someone’s values and needs in order to achieve success.

9:46 – Robb asks Paul and Lucy to further explain how they bring up underperforming salespeople and drive desired behaviors to increase revenue.

12:52 – Lucy walks us through an award-winning incentive program they developed for HP. Paul explains how they pinpointed a subsection of underperforming partners that were leaving money on the table and created a program that dramatically changed behaviors, ultimately growing their revenue by 200%.

16:38 – Tim takes the angle of the salesperson looking only at larger sales and forgetting that base hits add up to points scored. They discuss the use of gamification in different applications and how properly educated and incentivized salespeople will always close larger deals more often.

21:18 – Paul shares how companies can determine whether they should engage with ChannelAssist and how to assess what ChannelAssist could do for them. He closes with the reminder that salespeople own the relationships with clients, and incentivizing them to provide feedback on accounts creates more transparency in the sales process and aids the owner in better running their business.

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ChannelAssist: https://www.channelassist.com/


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