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As a fast growing and a unique Moving Company, Metropolitan Movers™ exceeds all expectation by providing excellent service and distinctive business approach.
Metropolitan Movers™ is managed by professional individuals with experience and talents in many aspects derived from the business world. We maintain the highest management and leadership level by working with marketing whizzes, financial advisors and technical experts, all in the name of our common success.
In Metropolitan Movers™ we are committed to our franchisees prosperity so much that we are able to guarantee the success of our Franchisees by helping them generate over $100,000 in Revenue in their first 12 months of operation.
Metropolitan Movers™ offers exceptional opportunity for an entrepreneur to get involved in a self-sufficient business model, guidance from a top leading moving company in Canada and of course fast and reliable financial growth.

Our Clients are the true asset of our business and they deserve the best. We are as uncompromising about quality as it gets in the Moving Industry. At Metropolitan Movers™, we survey each and every client and constantly trying to find ways to improve our service. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure all of our clients are happy and satisfied at the end of the move.

Proudly Canadian, Metropolitan Movers™ is commitment to franchisee profitability, a commitment to expand and reach maximum recognition to the Metropolitan Movers™ brand, and a commitment to continuously innovating and improving the Customer Experience.

• A Successful Business Model that you need to follow in all aspects of the Business without ever lifting a box.
• A professional Head Office Support team with many years of experience in the moving industry.
• A 1-Week initial intensive training course that will include all aspects of the Moving business according to Metropolitan Movers™ successful Business Model.
• A comprehensive and up to date Operations Manual that will be as a Business in a Box for the new Franchisee.
• A well-established and growing Brand and constantly expending franchise network across Canada.
• An easy to run business opportunity with a proven track-record of success and profitability within the first 12 months of operation.
• Exclusive and protected territory
• Opening marketing materials plus other branded materials for your local marketing efforts
• A marketing-driven Brand with proprietary marketing system that sends you clients from day 1 of operations!
• Dedicated franchisee website promoting your franchise location.

• Proprietary marketing, booking and managing software.
• Scheduled reports following and predicting your sales, marketing efforts, HR and logistics.
• A full fleet management service.
• Training curriculum followed by our training experts.
• Offline as well as online marketing plans.
• A dedicated online merchandise supplier that will minimize your need to keep and storage your inventory.
• Customer Service Support.
• Human Recourses Training Help and Support.
• Support with any issue that is related to running our Franchise in the most efficient and profitable way.

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