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We currently have access to a limited number of managed Bitcoin ATM’s at half price.

The future of Bitcoin and Crypto industry right now as everyone knows is uncertain, so this investment will take a certain type of investor. The market has started to rise again, 1 trillion market cap is back in place, and if things go well owning a Bitcoin ATM from ground zero could be a great move. Like owning ATM’s decades ago, you get all the best locations and the local marketshare. But, there are also a number of things that could go wrong, so this is a play for investors with a high risk appetite, those who believe in and understand Bitcoin, and only those using money they they could potentially lose should consider this type of business. Big potential rewards often carry proportionate risk.

This is a 100% passive business. Many people think owning a traditional ATM business is passive. It isnt. With cash ATM’s when you have a large route you are always driving around with cash filling your machines. We actually have a large ATM route for sale right now, link above in the video, great route, well established, 6 figure business, but it is not passive. Most businesses are not passive and completely passive revenue is quite rare. People ask about YouTube money being passive, not even close.

This Bitcoin ATM or BTM business is 100% passive. The company places your machines, they manage your machines. If anything goes wrong they handle the repairs and they will physically move it to another location if it is not making money.

There are currently 26 machines available at just under $20k per machine which is less than half price of what you would pay regularly. How much do these machines earn? The market has slowed from the peak, but back in the “normal” market a typical machine would see between $5k and $50k, some very busy machines did $100k, of which the Bitcoin ATM owner would typically retain 18-20%. If and when the market comes back to these levels someone could have a significant ongoing source of monthly passive revenue. But again, you should have the finances to weather slower periods like now and we dont know for how long this could last.

TLDR: fully managed Bitcoin BATM machines under $20k, only 26 available at that price, the machines can be remotely monitored on your cellphone or computer so can be placed anywhere in the USA, 95% of existing owners do not live near their machines.

MORE INFO: https://www.franchise.city/franchise-inquiry
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