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Live Chats On Your MSP Marketing Website

Don’t Do This…

Lots of MSPs believe in automation and taking shortcuts when it comes to MSP Marketing. Although I believe in automation, marketing and sales are about dealing with people.

I was on a MSP marketing website the other day, and this MSP had an obvious BOT for a live chat, it was clearly obvious that this MSP was cutting corners and using a BOT. Don’t do this…

If you are going to have a live chat on your website make sure it is staffed at least during business hours or what I preferred go the agency route, outsource your live chat service to a great agency.

We work with Live Chat Squad and they are great. https://livechatsquad.com/

You can get a 14 day free trial of their service.

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0:00 – Introduction to Joe Techie MSP Marketing
0:11 – MSP Marketing Tips
0:24 – Live chats on a MSP marketing website
0:56 – Bots suck on your MSP marketing website
1:55 – Start asking this Bot chat some basic prospect questions
2:25 – Use a real person when running live chat on your website
3:12 – Call Ulistic if you need MSP marketing help

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