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When you write the Franchise Operations Manuals are one of the most important and critical elements of executing a franchise expansion model. The Franchise Operations Manuals are also referred to as the Brand Standards Manual, these documents are what we will use to teach, train and implement the franchise model with new franchise owners. The franchise manuals are the documentation which define the franchise relationship and are the primary relationship management tools to be used to hold franchise owners to all of the specifics related to the franchise system.

Sample Operations Manual Table of Contents
Section A: Introduction 
Welcome letter from Franchisor Brand Management Team 
Franchisor Brand Quality Assurance 
Services of the Franchise Organization 
o Site Selection 
o Training and Assistance 
o Advertising Materials and Sales Aids 
o Operations Consulting 
o Franchisee Networking Association 
o Helpline 
o Website 
o Social Media 
o Electronic Newsletter 
Visits from the Corporate Office 
o Your Field Consultant 
SECTION B: Establishing A Franchise Business 
Selecting Your Business Type 
o Proprietorship 
o Partnership 
o The Limited Partnership 
o The Corporation 
o Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
o Subchapter “S” Corporation 
Your Status as a Franchisee 
Business Name 
Required Bank Accounts 
o Accounts to Open 
Special Licenses and Permits 
Leasing Store/Office Space 
o Required Lease Inclusions 
Contracting Utilities and Services 
o Utilities 
o Regular Services 
o Occasional Services 
Phone Service 
o A Business Phone Service 
o Voicemail 
o Standard Phone Protocol 
o Cellular Telephones 
The Franchisor Brand Logo Specifications 
o Sample Logo 
Checks, Stationery, and Business Forms 
Email Signature 
The Franchisor Brand Countdown-to-Opening Schedule 
Required Hardware and Software 
Recommended Equipment, Supplies, and Furnishings 
Required Initial Inventory 
Paying Taxes 
o Employer Identification Number (EIN) 
o How to Get an EIN 
o When to Apply 
o IRS-Required Reports 
o Types of Federal Taxes 
o Income Tax 
o Self-Employment Tax 
o Social Security, Medicare, and Withheld Income Taxes 
o Federal Taxes: Withholding 
o Unemployment Taxes 
o Excise Taxes 
o State Income Tax 
o State Unemployment Tax 
o Retail Sales Tax 
o County or Town Taxes: Sales Tax 
o Personal Property Tax 
o County or Town Business Tax 
o Federal Tax Filing Checklist 
Paying Additional Fees 
o Late Payments 
o Audits 
o Food Insurance Policies 
o Transfer Fees 
o Training 
o Maintenance Requirements and Renovation 
o Legal Fees 
o Emergency Operating Fees 
o Relocation Fees 
o Alternate Suppliers 
FDD: Fees, Item 6 
SECTION C: Personnel 
Contacting the U.S. Department of Labor and Local State Labor Bureaus 
Complying with the Department of Homeland Security 
o Requirements by Law 
The Franchisor Brand Policy on Sexual Harassment 
Creating Your Franchisor Brand Staff Database 
o Recruiting Candidates 
o Interviewing Potential Franchisor Brand Staff 
o Maintaining Your Staff’s Compliance 
Job Descriptions 
The Recruitment and Selection Process 
Protecting the Franchisor Brand System 
o Steps for New Employees 
Sample Employee Training Outline 
The Franchisor Brand Uniform/Dress Code 
Establishing Personnel Policies 
Evaluating Employees 
Discipline and Termination 
o How to Discipline Your Employees 
o The Steps to Progressive Discipline 
o Grounds for Immediate Termination 
SECTION D: Administrative Procedures 
Suggested Business Hours 
Franchise Reporting and Procedures 
o Monthly Reports 
o Financial Reports 
o Annual Reports 
Customer Service 
Handling Customer Complaints 
Pricing Franchisor Brand Products and Services 
o Products Sold by Franchisor Brand
Ordering Equipment and Supplies 
o Approved Vendor List
SECTION E: Daily Procedures 
Daily Procedures for Franchisor Brand Franchise 
How to Set Up New Customers 
Conducting Customer Service 
o Safety and Health Requirement / Safety Hazard Citation 
o Accident and Incident Reporting 
First Aid Training 
o Neck and Spine Injury 
o Heat Exhaustion 
Workers’ Compensation 
Safety Rules 
o General Safety Rules 
SECTION F: Selling & Marketing 
Franchisor Brand Services 
Generating Business 
o Potential Franchisor Brand Customers 
o Prospect Research 
o Referrals 
The Franchisor Brand Advertising Program 
o Corporate Marketing Fund 
o Cooperative Advertising 
o Local Advertising 
o Google Business 
o Internet 
o Corporate Website 
o Word of Mouth 
o Publicity 
Sample Marketing Pieces 
The Franchisor Brand Sales Process 
o Phone Protocol 
Guidelines for Using Franchisor Brand Marks 
Obtaining Approval for Advertising Concepts and Materials