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CBRS band is becoming the popular choice for enterprises and operators alike. We believe CBRS technology will bring innovative business models and new set of use cases that we have not seen before.

We break down CBRS technology into two network segments: private LTE networks and neutral host networks. The Besen Group defines private LTE network as a dedicated network for consumers, business and Internet of Things. Private LTE network can be based on licensed, shared or unlicensed spectrum. It is ideal for enterprises who are considering security, reliability, coverage, mobility and low latency applications. Neutral host networks will provide enterprises with better coverage and capacity to solve their indoor requirements.

In this webinar, The Besen Group will share the step-by-step instructions to develop a comprehensive CBRS business case for private and neutral host network architectures.

We will take a closer look at CBRS business case building blocks including Revenue, Capex, and Opex. Revenue module includes total demand and market analysis and company positioning. Capex module includes dimensioning based on outdoor or indoor coverage requirements. Opex module includes cost of services sold, interconnection, roaming, site acquisition, site rental, operations and maintenance, G&A, sales and marketing.

At the end, we will calculate the total cost of ownership for launching CBRS network and obtain key financial indicators to make our decision to move forward with the investment or not.