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How do you generate leads in a franchise? Is it the franchisor’s job to bring the customers to you? Learn the truth in this video.

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One of the biggest myths in franchising that I love to bust is that it’s the franchisor’s job to find your customers for you. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

If you are lucky enough to invest in America’s big brand such that it has the feel of “build it, and they will come,” it is because pioneering franchisees spent money and years building that brand. You get to ride the coattails of what those pioneering franchisees created. But even if you’re investing in America’s big brand, it is always your job to find your own customers.

When you invest in a franchise, you’re buying into that proven toolbox, a toolbox that comes with a proven marketing plan. The franchisors know exactly who their customers are, and they should be able to tell you how many of those customers you’ll need to build a cash-flowing business. And then it’s YOUR job to execute on that plan to create that cash-flowing business.

Some franchisors will provide this proven marketing plan to you. They’ll tell you where to spend the money. They’ll tell you how much money to spend, and they’ll tell you approximately how long you have to spend the money to build this cash-flowing business. Other franchisors may take your advertising dollars from you and spend them for you because they believe that they can do it better for you.

The Daly Coach is going to tell you that no matter how much support a franchisor offers, it is always on you to learn how to find your best customer. If you do not learn how to find your best customer, you will never have a business that you feel in control of. You will never fully own your business; your business will own you! In most businesses, the best leads that you’re ever going to get are referrals. This is where you really get to shine and build that preferred lead network based on referral sources. These referred lead sources will always be your best way to not only IMPACT your business but to CONTROL your business.

As I grew into the role of Franchise Consultant, I started studying my numbers, and I realized that the dollars I was spending BUYING leads was a total waste of money! So, one day, I made the very brave decision of dropping all of my lead sources. Years later, I love to say that I DO NOT BUY LEADS. I will NOT spend money buying a lead. And I want that same thing for you because the day that I did that—while it took a lot of courage to let go of those advertising leads, it forced me to learn how to prospect, network, and OWN my leads.

If it were that easy, EVERYBODY would be successful. It’s not that easy! You, as the owner, still have to create an experience that’s worth coming in for and coming back for. And that’s why a franchise can be a turnkey business model but why it requires an owner as the leader driving that type of an experience through the team so that your customers come in and they come back. Ultimately, whether you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, or whether you have a business that relies on a marketing plan, or whether you have a business like mine that relies solely on prospecting and networking, all business owners need to learn how to fish for themselves!
What’s that expression? “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life.” A franchisor who teaches you how to fish for yourself, to find your own candidates will always produce happier, more successful business owners than those who do it for you. The allure of a franchisor who will do it for you is tempting, but how can you ever control your business in that situation? What if what they’re doing is working now, but over time it changes, and they don’t change? Why put yourself in that predicament?

The moment you learn and take ownership of finding your best customers is the day that you find true freedom in business ownership, and it is the day that begins the journey to you building the business of your dreams.

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