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This is Franchise Talk and my name is Alex. I am an Iraq and Afghan War Vet and call it how it is. I was an Army Interrogator so critical questions come natural. Now that I am an expert in franchises we can explore the information you really want to know about buying a franchise while having a real life conversation with people behind the brand instead of a nonstop sales pitch. I interview franchises and business opportunities so you can hear the good the bad and the ugly before you start trying to navigate the thousands of franchises out there. We empower you with videos that you need to help you make the better business decision.

Not all franchises are good, not all good franchises will fit you and some franchises that are relatively low cost may, in the long run; make you more money than if you spent a couple million. I help people find the right one like a realtor helps you find the right house because franchises can be a great first business or a magnificent addition to your portfolio.

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This is Naturals 2 Go:

Join The Innovative Movement That Brings Healthy Snacks To Vending Machines

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Naturals 2Go offers healthy snacks and beverages in a vending machine. This concept is part of the explosive movement of eating healthy while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Naturals 2Go is a leading business opportunity in this market that offers explosive growth and passive income. The new cutting-edge vending machine puts the power in your hands to maximize profits while promoting recent trends toward healthier living. Cash in on these trends by being the first in your area to provide customers with the healthy snacks and beverages they are looking for.

Concept – Customers purchase vending machines and establish a vending route that provides nearly passive income, requires no specific experience, and is very simple to operate. No-ongoing training, franchise fees, or employees to manage. Let the machines do the work for you.

The perks from Alex – Other than being passive, no employees and cashflow is quick. They have the uper hand on tech in the industry so this thing can be managed via smart phone and the support is almost that os a franchise which is rare. They have a top standing in the BBB for a vending company and the only one to have a positive evaluation from the SBA. Thats a big deal.

Build Your Own Schedule and Earn Revenues 24/7 with
Healthy Vending Machines

We help people transition life and prepare them to start their own businesses. From the moment that you put your trust in our organization, we’re with you. New operator training includes:

In-person training by a skilled vending operator • Business planning and setup documentation

Initial inventory planning

Route building

Sales training

Introduction to state-of-the-art vending technologies…and much more!

Healthy Vending Business Opportunity for Veterans

We’ve been in the business of helping people start independent, profitable businesses for nearly 30 years. In our experience, we’ve discovered how military veterans can most quickly and effectively transition into an owner/operator role for their own vending business, either as a full time career or a supplemental income. Veterans trust us for many reasons, such as:

Our vending equipment is made in the United States

Our support staff is on call for training, troubleshooting, and business management issues •Our training team is ready to help translate military skills to civilian life

Financial Terms

Minimum Investment: $19,000 – $165,995
Average Investment: $75,000
Passive Ownership Allowed: Fully Passive