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DNX’s CEO Helder Klemp and AWS Partner Solutions Architect Richard Wilmot discuss DNX’s unique Migration methodology and the many benefits it brings. Moving beyond lift and shift, DNX aims to refactor and modernise applications and workloads during the migration. In this video, Helder explains how refactoring with cloud-native features allows businesses to get the most out of the cloud, resulting in short and long-term cost reductions. During the assessment phase, DNX identifies the gaps holding businesses back, giving them the ability to move to new levels they never knew existed. Whilst all of this is happening, DNX prioritises business security and compliance needs using a secure infrastructure within the AWS cloud.
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Helder Klemp – DNX Solutions CEO and Co-Founder
Richard Wilmot – AWS Partner Solutions Architect
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00:00 Introduction
01:13 Migration: The Typical Migration process
03:00 Security: Dealing with competing priorities
06:14 Managed Services: What it’s all about
09:25 Citadel: The projects that benefit
11:01 Citadel: Its use in the Migration process
12:45 Migration: Application modernisation
13:47 Modernisation: The approach with Citadel
14:33 Case Study: Plezzel’s Migration process
15:29 Case Study: Main Migration motivations
17:06 Cloud-Native: Other cloud providers
18:10 Guardrails: Achieving Compliance faster