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Not all management positions are created equal. It can be confusing to understand who’s in charge of what. If you’re spinning your head trying to understand the differences between each managerial role, this video is for you.
️ A functional management TEAM drives businesses forward. They play an integral role in your everyday operations. At the same time, a defined management ROLE builds clarity. Clarity kills confusion. And most importantly, it builds the foundations of business success.

In this video, we discuss the differences between three important management positions: the Chief Operations Officer (COO), the Director of Operations, and the Business Manager as well as:
• The responsibilities of a DOO, a COO, and a Business Manager
• The key functional differences between a DOO, a COO, and a Business Manager
• The business integration of a DOO, a COO, and a Business Manager for future-proof success
Understanding the responsibilities of each role can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively.

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0:00 – Intro
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0:54 – The Coo
2:27 – Director Of Operations
5:21 – Business Manager
6:58 – Final Thoughts
7:49 – Conclusion
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