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About this Video :- Asclepius Franchise List State and District wise | AWPL फ्रैंचाइज़ी |

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In this Channel ‘Jitu Saikia’ you found all Asclepius Wellness, Ayurveda and Netwok Marketing videos. you can get details information about Asclepius Plan, Products and other information.

Myself Jitu Saikia from Assam.
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Work in Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd.

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1. Asclepius Plan

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3. AWPL Other Information

4. Ayurveda information and benefits

5. Network marketing

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अगर आप हमारे साथ काम करना चाहते है तो हमे सम्पर्क कर सकते है| कियूं की आपका एक लेग असम मैं चल सकता है मेरे टीम के साथ |

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My Whatsapp : 8638091559. (for any inquiry).
additional Mob No : 9023322219
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Reference ID : 33866A (Its required for new registration in our website)

Company website : www.asclepiuswellness.com

We have 57 + Ayurvedic product included food supplement. All product for lifestyle

disease like BP, Heart problem, Diabetes, Obesity, Joint pain, Stomach Problems,

Liver function, Gas acidity, Asthma, Skin disease and many more problems…..

And our plan : One Id income is above 70 Cr, weekly Capping up to 20 Lakh, Repurchase Capping weekly 3 Lakh and 10 times World Tour.

We have ISO 2018 Certificate, WHO:GMP certificate, AYUSH Certificate and Follow all Direct selling government guidelines. All legal document held with us.

If you want associate with us please contract me or leave a massage.

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